Sumptuous Summer

Here we are on the first day of summer and it is a lovely one. Colors and styles combine in my jewellery to set you in front of the fashion crowd. Cool turquoise nestles next to the warm corals, just waiting for a neck to proudly sport them. Drop in to one of my stores and play dress-ups. Necklaces all come with a matched pair of earrings.

I use stone from around the world, mixed with delightful found objects and vintage jewellery, to give you a stand alone piece that is timeless. Choices range from bracelets, earrings and necklaces, each priced very competitively between $10 and $45.

Even though I use stone, the pieces are not physically heavy, they are designed to look full but have very little weight. This will add to your comfort, while having your favorite outfit look fully coordinated.

If pearls are your choice, you’ll be pleased to see the items made from my latest purchases. Pearls and more pearls! Biwa, potato, cute fried egg shaped, freshwater frillies and more.

I could talk all day about my creations, but seeing is believing. Drop in to the Back Room Gallery, 4749 Wyandotte St E Windsor, just east of Pillette for some play time.