March Madness

March is a pivotal month of any given year. Those of us in Southwestern Ontario bid winter goodbye and enjoy the flocks of migrating birds overhead. I enjoy March for a more personal reason, it is the month of birthdays for my family. Every year we have a second Christmas, loads of cake, silly traditions and get togethers. One of our longest traditions is the playing of Birthday by the Beatles. When the boys were boys, I’d get up extra early on one of their birthdays and play it very loud. They never knew which one was getting the morning merriment until it blasted them out of bed. Today, my guys still have good memories of this tradition and will call me and give me those first few notes.

March babies have two birthstones to call their own, the lovely bloodstone and the ethereal aquamarine. Ah, aquamarine! I have a deep desire to own a large pale ring, surrounded by chocolate diamonds. Wouldn’t that be striking? I’d be the only girl on the block with one and my robust personality would fit it to a T. Imagine hiking along the lake in March and seeing the sun twinkle through the sheets of ice, that’s my aquamarine. To read about its mystcal properties, follow this link

Bloodstones on the other hand are deep and sultry, many layers of interest for the wearer. The deep turquoise colour laying next to sheets of deep crimson evoke a sense of decadence. I really love working with this stone, feeling like I am stronger or more self assured when touching them. I found this interesting link about bloodstone healing properties for you to enjoy:

I guess the madness portion of this story would be if you didn’t enjoy March’s stone lore. Whether you are drawn to aquamarine or the mysterious bloodstone, you will no doubt be transported to another rhealm.


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