February is for Love of Stone

February is the month with a strong love message, far and near, we are urged to buy for those we love. I say, buy for yourself first! Don’t wait for someone else to shop for you and risk getting heart shaped chocolates that you’ll wear on your bottom! Get something that you can fall in love with every time you wear it.

Semi precious stones never go out of style, or out of favor. Shower yourself with them, smile in their ongoing gifts of energies and mood enhancers. Long ago I found that working with certain stones made me feel different…sometimes envigorated, sometimes less painful. Always something. I didn’t know then that stones’ properties carried with them different energies, but I certainly do now and I hope you’ll try some on.

One of favorites, rose quartz is like a big warm hug, comforting and mellowing. Put one near your pillow (or under it) and you’ll dream beautiful dreams. Carry a piece in your pocket and stress tends to roll off, leaving the wearer with a wonderful feeling of relaxation and wellness. Wear stone jewellery and you’ll carry the energy with you.

Shop for your own stones and have fun feeling what they offer you. Each will resonate just for you, so don’t believe only what you read or are told. The communication you have will be all yours. Sorry if I sound flaky, but it is hard to describe exactly how they make me feel. Get your own adventure started. Buy the largest stones you can, the least polished and enjoy.

My jewellery contains many types of stone, any mixes are for visual and energy beauty. Stones do not wear out, fade or fall from fashion. They hug you and share their bounty of energies unconditionally. Each of my designs are only made once, ensuring that you have a unique piece. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces, all with a blend of stone, crystal and vintage components fill a lovely antique dispay cabinet. Drop into Back Room Gallery, 4749 Wyandotte ST E Windsor, Onatrio, and try some on. They’re waiting just for you.


2 thoughts on “February is for Love of Stone

  1. Love this Chris! I feel the same way about stones. going to have to pay more conscious attention when I work with them next time! :)))

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