Look Ma, no hands

My studio looks like the cockpit of a plane, minus the distracting lights and cute copilot. When I physically plug into my space, I also mentally do so. No sounds, no smells no distractions take me away from creating. To my left is a shelving unit, vintage and sturdy wood, carrying several dozen parts containers with stone and vintage glass, all colour coordinated for ease of use. The unit also houses my finishing hardware and pricing materials. To the right is a rolling cupboard with drawers. Each drawer is dedicated to its own type of supply, again making it easy to reach without effort, swinging me through my creative process. On top of this rolling unit is a set of drawers filled with vintage beads and brooches. The most enticing is the tall unit behind me and the old orange parts drawers full to the brim with stone, vintage beads and more stone. I do love my stone! Each drawer is also colour coordinated. The other shelves proudly carry my inspirational materials and art books. My work counter is a real prize, husband Ray created a sturdy 2 level affair with a cutout area to sit into. Lower level houses showcase material, extra vintage parts and any crap that needs to get out of my way. The counter is amazing, loads of creative space, room for my design board and tools. The wall is peppered with sketches, ready to inspire. Sometimes I go into the studio with a design in my head and it transforms itself dimensionally on the board. Other times I am inspired with the materials, they determine the outcome by insinuating themselves into the ‘slush box’. This is as it seems, a shallow box that I mix and match stuff into and they tell me how to proceed. No magic, just pickin’ and grinnin’. Drop into the gallery 4749 Wyandotte St E Windsor and play around, dress – ups are welcome! I don’t take myself seriously and I hope you won’t either, it’s all play.


2 thoughts on “Look Ma, no hands

  1. Your descriptions are just as creative as your art! I can relate to the design ideas. I too sift through things and just get an idea that way. What fun! Must get over to visit you, Raybone and Monty!

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