I am more than a jewellery artist!

I do more art forms than just jewellery. To see my work if you are in the Windsor, Ontario, Canada area: Walkerville Artists’ Co-op, found at 1974 Wyandotte Street East in the heart of historic Windsor. I am the founder of this dynamic organization and we are 31 strong. You can also drop in to our website http://www.walkervilleartistsco-op.com/ and have a look around. I look forward to your feedback!


Sumptuous Summer

Here we are on the first day of summer and it is a lovely one. Colors and styles combine in my jewellery to set you in front of the fashion crowd. Cool turquoise nestles next to the warm corals, just waiting for a neck to proudly sport them. Drop in to one of my stores and play dress-ups. Necklaces all come with a matched pair of earrings.

I use stone from around the world, mixed with delightful found objects and vintage jewellery, to give you a stand alone piece that is timeless. Choices range from bracelets, earrings and necklaces, each priced very competitively between $10 and $45.

Even though I use stone, the pieces are not physically heavy, they are designed to look full but have very little weight. This will add to your comfort, while having your favorite outfit look fully coordinated.

If pearls are your choice, you’ll be pleased to see the items made from my latest purchases. Pearls and more pearls! Biwa, potato, cute fried egg shaped, freshwater frillies and more.

I could talk all day about my creations, but seeing is believing. Drop in to the Back Room Gallery, 4749 Wyandotte St E Windsor, just east of Pillette for some play time.

March Madness

March is a pivotal month of any given year. Those of us in Southwestern Ontario bid winter goodbye and enjoy the flocks of migrating birds overhead. I enjoy March for a more personal reason, it is the month of birthdays for my family. Every year we have a second Christmas, loads of cake, silly traditions and get togethers. One of our longest traditions is the playing of Birthday by the Beatles. When the boys were boys, I’d get up extra early on one of their birthdays and play it very loud. They never knew which one was getting the morning merriment until it blasted them out of bed. Today, my guys still have good memories of this tradition and will call me and give me those first few notes.

March babies have two birthstones to call their own, the lovely bloodstone and the ethereal aquamarine. Ah, aquamarine! I have a deep desire to own a large pale ring, surrounded by chocolate diamonds. Wouldn’t that be striking? I’d be the only girl on the block with one and my robust personality would fit it to a T. Imagine hiking along the lake in March and seeing the sun twinkle through the sheets of ice, that’s my aquamarine. To read about its mystcal properties, follow this link http://www.jewelsforme.com/aquamarine-powers.asp

Bloodstones on the other hand are deep and sultry, many layers of interest for the wearer. The deep turquoise colour laying next to sheets of deep crimson evoke a sense of decadence. I really love working with this stone, feeling like I am stronger or more self assured when touching them. I found this interesting link about bloodstone healing properties for you to enjoy: http://www.bloodstonemeaning.com/

I guess the madness portion of this story would be if you didn’t enjoy March’s stone lore. Whether you are drawn to aquamarine or the mysterious bloodstone, you will no doubt be transported to another rhealm.

A Place to Play

Every artist needs a place to play, show off their hard work and share ideas with other artists. I am lucky to have all of this in one lovely space called the Back Room Gallery Artists’ Co-op Store. My antique jewellery display counter feels right at home among the lovely art offerings of more than 24 other artists. Please follow this link to check out the gallery, found at 4749 Wyandotte St E Windsor Ontario. Learn how you can be a part of this established gallery. UPDATE: the group has moved our business to 1974 Wyandotte Street E, just east of the Arts Council. We are now called Walkerville Artists’ Co-op and are proud to call beautiful Old Walkerville home. Our space is 1300 sq ft of art, housing over 34 local artists. http://backroomgallery.wordpress.com/2013/03/05/an-opportunity-for-artists/#comments The gallery official site is http://backroomgallery.ca

February is for Love of Stone

February is the month with a strong love message, far and near, we are urged to buy for those we love. I say, buy for yourself first! Don’t wait for someone else to shop for you and risk getting heart shaped chocolates that you’ll wear on your bottom! Get something that you can fall in love with every time you wear it.

Semi precious stones never go out of style, or out of favor. Shower yourself with them, smile in their ongoing gifts of energies and mood enhancers. Long ago I found that working with certain stones made me feel different…sometimes envigorated, sometimes less painful. Always something. I didn’t know then that stones’ properties carried with them different energies, but I certainly do now and I hope you’ll try some on.

One of favorites, rose quartz is like a big warm hug, comforting and mellowing. Put one near your pillow (or under it) and you’ll dream beautiful dreams. Carry a piece in your pocket and stress tends to roll off, leaving the wearer with a wonderful feeling of relaxation and wellness. Wear stone jewellery and you’ll carry the energy with you.

Shop for your own stones and have fun feeling what they offer you. Each will resonate just for you, so don’t believe only what you read or are told. The communication you have will be all yours. Sorry if I sound flaky, but it is hard to describe exactly how they make me feel. Get your own adventure started. Buy the largest stones you can, the least polished and enjoy.

My jewellery contains many types of stone, any mixes are for visual and energy beauty. Stones do not wear out, fade or fall from fashion. They hug you and share their bounty of energies unconditionally. Each of my designs are only made once, ensuring that you have a unique piece. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces, all with a blend of stone, crystal and vintage components fill a lovely antique dispay cabinet. Drop into Back Room Gallery, 4749 Wyandotte ST E Windsor, Onatrio, and try some on. They’re waiting just for you.

Look Ma, no hands

My studio looks like the cockpit of a plane, minus the distracting lights and cute copilot. When I physically plug into my space, I also mentally do so. No sounds, no smells no distractions take me away from creating. To my left is a shelving unit, vintage and sturdy wood, carrying several dozen parts containers with stone and vintage glass, all colour coordinated for ease of use. The unit also houses my finishing hardware and pricing materials. To the right is a rolling cupboard with drawers. Each drawer is dedicated to its own type of supply, again making it easy to reach without effort, swinging me through my creative process. On top of this rolling unit is a set of drawers filled with vintage beads and brooches. The most enticing is the tall unit behind me and the old orange parts drawers full to the brim with stone, vintage beads and more stone. I do love my stone! Each drawer is also colour coordinated. The other shelves proudly carry my inspirational materials and art books. My work counter is a real prize, husband Ray created a sturdy 2 level affair with a cutout area to sit into. Lower level houses showcase material, extra vintage parts and any crap that needs to get out of my way. The counter is amazing, loads of creative space, room for my design board and tools. The wall is peppered with sketches, ready to inspire. Sometimes I go into the studio with a design in my head and it transforms itself dimensionally on the board. Other times I am inspired with the materials, they determine the outcome by insinuating themselves into the ‘slush box’. This is as it seems, a shallow box that I mix and match stuff into and they tell me how to proceed. No magic, just pickin’ and grinnin’. Drop into the gallery 4749 Wyandotte St E Windsor and play around, dress – ups are welcome! I don’t take myself seriously and I hope you won’t either, it’s all play.